[S2E2] Your Highest Aspiration

Brent presents the idea of "your highest aspiration", the reason you're here, and the reason you do what you do. This is the root of your motivation, your belief in your own daily practice.

David speculates on the artist's drive to create art, and anyone's reason to produce and create in general. They both agree that the best work comes from pursuit of the thing itself, not from the search for approval or recognition.

Brent and David discuss what makes someone "officially" achieve a role or reputation, concluding that, ultimately, status is conferred by consensus. Brent presents the notions of subjective and objective ambitions, and the idea of "grip" on ambition, and what the appropriate amount of grip should be.

Today's 3 Takeaways

  1. Take the time to get clear on your highest subjective and objective aspirations.
  2. Be prepared and willing to change as a person, and for your aspirations to change with you.
  3. Monitor your enjoyment. Align your enjoyment of life with your ambition.

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